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Chandu the Magician

A distinctive aura of exotica, mystery, and romance set the tone for star American-born Frank Chandler, to put himself forward as Chandu the Magician, his self-created persona -- a magician with supernatural powers, armed with mystical knowledge learned from an Indian yogi. Chandu's life mission was to use his powers, knowledge, magic, and his crystal ball to fight evil forces, especially his arch-nemesis Roxer. He traveled to the desert in Egypt, searched catacombs, located Roxer's home, and pursued his love interest, Princess Nadji.

Episodes opened with the striking sound of a gong, setting the mood for far-flung Far Eastern adventures. Chandu embarked on many spellbinding journeys searching for his brother-in-law (Dorothy's husband) who had been shipwrecked, ending up in the clutches of the evil Roxor. Along the way, relatives disappeared, leading Chandu to remote settings in out of the ordinary situations, always giving him opportunities to apply his talents, courage, and knowledge. His superhuman powers made it possible for him to engage in astral projection and teleportation -- perfect events for listeners to imagine. Unfortunately, Chandu's Achilles heel was that his powers were ineffective in the face of fear.

Chandu was originally produced in the KHJ studio in Los Angeles in 1932, but moved its production to WGN Chicago in 1935. The show was reincarnated in 1948 with a new cast, starring Tom Collins as Chandu. The final show aired in 1950.

There are 178 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Nadji Leaves December 1, 1948
Warned About Jeff December 17, 1948
Jeff Worried December 16, 1948
Wants To Enter Village Of The Lost December 15, 1948
Learns Roxors Location December 14, 1948
Robert Seen In Crystal December 13, 1948
Gomez Spotted December 10, 1948
Lab Emptied December 9, 1948
Phone Call From Robert December 8, 1948
Kingdom Regained December 7, 1948
Chandler Reveals Himself As Chandu December 6, 1948
Chandler Discovered December 3, 1948
Jeff's New Mission December 20, 1948
House In The Desert December 21, 1948
Forged Letter November 30, 1948
Chandler Escapes Fire November 29, 1948
Dorothy In Temple December 31, 1948
Looking For Betty December 30, 1948
Story Told December 29, 1948
Robert Found December 28, 1948
Imposter Found Out December 27, 1948
Tries To Contact Robert December 24, 1948
Jeff Found December 23, 1948
Saved From Spider December 22, 1948
Lupu Arrives December 2, 1948

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